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Many Thanks

The Lorain Valor Home and the Women of Lorain Valor Home sent a dynamic Thank You to St. Paul members: 

“Please accept this letter of Gratitude for the display of kindness shown to us through your Cards, Snacks, bookmarks and Patriotic drawings. Your acknowledgment of our sacrifice gives us hope for the future of our Country. It also gives us comfort to know that you care about us. Your words from the letters we received give testament to the future of our Nation. God Bless You and God bless America.”  

This Appreciation Note is a direct result of all the Thrivent Action Team Card and Craft efforts on November 6. 

We thank all the volunteers that helped make Thrivent Action Team Cards and Crafts on November 6 and all the Bakers and shoppers that attended the Thrivent Action Team Bake Sale for Hunger on November 14. Over 700 Cards & Crafts were created by the 20 volunteers and $232 was raised from the efforts of 13 bakers and 50 plus shoppers. 

AWESOME EFFORT by the dynamic employees of USG on Crocker Road in Westlake! The employees gathered and donated $1195.00 to St. Paul’s Hunger Ministry in their 2021 October Hunger Campaign. Their personal generous and humble commitment during these pandemic health challenging times to help others in need is heart-warming and unbelievable.


During the month of December, we have three wonderful Thrivent Action Team Events – The gathering of puzzles for all ages, the gathering of board games for all ages, and the Dennis Wolf’s Peanut Butter & Jam gathering campaign for Redeemer Hunger and Crisis Center.  

The Puzzle Action Team Event is where volunteers shop for puzzles for all ages and gift to families at Redeemer Hunger & Crises Center to challenge and unify families on a cold winter night.  

The Family Fun Challenge is for volunteers to donate board games for all ages by Christmas Eve. These items will be given to the Redeemer Hunger Center Client’s children during Epiphany Week in 2022.  

Our goal is 100 plus puzzles and 100 plus board games. These puzzles and board games may be placed on the Hunger Ministry shelving at St. Paul Lutheran Church any time in December and especially on Christmas Eve. When donating, St. Paul families may take home chocolate-covered pretzels or Snowman Soup.  

The Dennis Wolf Peanut Butter Action Team deadline is New Years’ Eve at the numerous church services. If you are able, please donate jam, too, for the families at Redeemer Hunger & Crisis Center to be delivered during Epiphany Week in 2022.  

The Redeemer Epiphany Party is Monday, January 3, 2022.


  • Peanut butter 
  • Ramen noodles 
  • Wide noodles 
  • Paper products (tissues, toilet paper, paper towels) 
  • Canned stew & soups  
  • Canned tuna with pull-tops 
  • Canned fruit, cereal 
  • Oatmeal variety packs 
  • Canned SPAM or Brookdale Luncheon Meat 
  • Mac & Cheese 
  • and whatever non-perishable items you have extra of

Thank you all for helping! 

– Love, Mary and Chico