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Weekly Update from Mary

Friday, July 5, 2024

Dan & Moira

Within the next month, Dan and Moira Erwine’s caring ministry to 6 families with 18 people will be drawing to a close. Dan, who has been fighting cancer along with other new illnesses, has been okayed by his medical doctors to move to Florida where he and Moira will continue doing God’s will and work among Floridians in need. The toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels and other foods given to Dan’s Helpful Program will now be sent to the Redeemer Hunger and Crises Center on Cleveland’s W. 30th.

Donate Food

St. Paul Lutheran Hunger Warriors still need Food Donations throughout the summer months; so, let us all try to bring one or two food items when we are able to attend Church this summer: peanut butter, GRAPE JAM, Stew, Corned Beef, WIDE NOODLES, tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, canned vegetables, CANNED SLICED PEACHES, CEREAL, oatmeal variety packs, SPAM, canned Chicken Breast, RAMEN NOODLES, snacks for children. We need the above food items by Thursday, June 20, for the Immanuel Hunger Program Delivery. Bless you for putting the needs of others as a priority.

SPL Hunger Warriors needs food item donations. Please click the button below to see what else needs to be donated!

View Essential Food Items Here

Hunger Warriors Leadership

Hunger Warriors under the leadership of Gayle Brady and Beth Eddleman are getting our special Christmas in July shoeboxes ready for the children at Redeemer Hunger and Crises Center to be delivered on July 22.

Assisting Lakewood Community Service Center

This month SPL Hunger Warriors are assisting Lakewood Community Service Center and North Ridgeville Community Care along with our special monthly support of Trials For Hope and Our Family Home Center. We are so grateful for your food and monetary support as we go forward using our time, treasures, and talents to meet needs by providing for the people in our neighboring communities.

St. Paul/Mary’s Food Rescue Gardens

Your efforts are the vital core of what SPL Hunger Warriors/Hunger Ministry/Mary’s Food Friends is dedicated too. The St. Paul/Mary’s Food Rescue Gardens are bringing in crops of fresh vegetables for clients at the Redeemer Hunger and Crises Center under the dynamic team of volunteers headed by Ken Krauss.

SPL Hunger Warriors/Hunger Ministry/Mary’s Food Friends – Campaigns in 2024

  • January – Immanuel, Redeemer, Trinity
  • February – Parma, Trials For Hope, Church of the Ascension
  • March – Calvary Lutheran, New Covenant, St. John Nottingham Food Programs
  • April – St. Philips Our Daily Bread
  • May – Lorain Cooperative Ministry & Redeemer & Immanuel
  • June - Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland – 36th Annual Walk for Hunger – Zoo
  • July – Lakewood Community Service Center & North Ridgeville Community Care
  • August – Westlake Assistance Program & Faith Lutheran
  • September – Parma Hunger & Our Savior Mayfield Heights
  • October – Royal Redeemer & Zion Painesville & Christians In Action Olmsted Falls
  • November - Redeemer, Immanuel, & Trinity
  • December – Christ/Our Savior, & 300 each Center (Which Means that we need $7900 in December)

Blessings on your week as you journey with Jesus meeting needs as He directs us. Love in Christ, Mary & Chico