Weekly Update from Mary

Friday, April 19, 2024

36th Annual Hunger Walk

The 36th Annual Hunger Network Walk for Hunger and 5K Run registration site is up and running.

To register click HERE

  • Select “Register”
  • Click “Join a Team”
  • Go to page 2 or search “Hunger Warriors” in the search bar

The choices are Individual Walker or Team Captain for $10 (If you want a shirt, raise or donate $25 more by May 15), Individual Runner for 5K at $40 with shirt, Family of 5 registration package $75 (t-shirts included), Individual Virtual Runner at $40 with t-shirt, Cheerleader at $10 (If you want a shirt, raise or donate $25 more by May 15), or Volunteer for free at the event from 6:30 am to 11 am. Volunteers will also get a free day at the Cleveland Metropolitan Zoo.

Remember, there is a Pavilion table area of Free Gift Items from Walk for Hunger & 5K Run Presenting Sponsor Marycaresmuch and her Service Dog Chico José in Thanksgiving for your participation. Register Today!

Donate Food

As each of us and our families try to wisely find ways to serve God while becoming more like Jesus, God sends us messages of ways to help through friends, family, and food ads. Each one of us should be noticing some wonderful experiences in food ads recently. The Market District/Giant Eagle has a special sale on Wednesday, March 6; each shopper can purchase a limit of 3 boxes of 8.9 to 12 oz. of Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, or Fruit Loops at 99 cents each with one’s Advantage Card while supplies last. Another Market District/Giant Eagle special is two Scott Comfort Plus Bath Tissue 12 Double Rolls or two Scott Paper Towels 6 Mega Rolls for $10. In addition, Marc’s has a special right now until March 5 of select varieties of Kellogg’s cereal at 8.8 to 18 ounces for $2.99 each. Many grocery and coupon specials are becoming available that can really benefit the 25 Food Programs that SPL Hunger Warriors helps.

SPL Hunger Warriors needs food item donations. Please click the button below to see what else needs to be donated!

View Essential Food Items Here

Community of Goodness

This past weekend COG – Community Of Goodness – donated 705 items to feed people. That fact is amazing, wonderful, and God-pleasing. Keep donating to help others.

We are in need of toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, soups, mac and cheese for Dan Erwine’s six families. Our Family Home also needs the different snacks that we give them for children and senior citizens. Whatever foods you have extra of, consider donating to others. Remember, Redeemer Hunger and Crisis Center has the out-of-date food table.

Happy/Helping Action Teams (HAT)

Hunger Warriors is starting a new group for our service minded church members! Each person who has a Thrivent account can sponsor 2 Action Team events a year. One could go online by typing Thrivent Action Teams and choose apply. First one gives a name of the event and a date. Then one checks whether the event is a fund-raiser, Service, or Education event. Next one selects the cause like hunger, youth…This choice is followed by a description of the project. Tell who the organization is helping and the name of the organization doing the project. Next one states how much money is needed for the project and how they will spend the money of $250 or less. Then one states the size and number of t-shirts, 25 or under are needed, how many journals are needed, 25 or less, thank you notes, name-tags, stickers.

One can also call Thrivent Financial Consultant Ann Escandon at 440-567-0930 to assist one to become an Associate Member which costs $19.95 a year and be eligible to do 1 Action Team Event. She could also assist people who have Thrivent Financial products to set up an Action Team Event, or one could call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Action Teams” to get assistance. Talk to God and then find a need to meet.

SPL Hunger Warriors/Hunger Ministry/Mary’s Food Friends – Campaigns in 2024

  • January – Immanuel, Redeemer, Trinity
  • February – Parma, Trials For Hope, Church of the Ascension
  • March – Calvary Lutheran, New Covenant, St. John Nottingham Food Programs
  • April – St. Philips Our Daily Bread
  • May – Lorain Cooperative Ministry & Redeemer & Immanuel
  • June - Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland – 36th Annual Walk for Hunger – Zoo
  • July – Lakewood Community Service Center & North Ridgeville Community Care
  • August – Westlake Assistance Program & Faith Lutheran
  • September – Parma Hunger & Our Savior Mayfield Heights
  • October – Royal Redeemer & Zion Painesville & Christians In Action Olmsted Falls
  • November - Redeemer, Immanuel, & Trinity
  • December – Christ/Our Savior, & 300 each Center (Which Means that we need $7900 in December)

Bless your Service in Jesus’ Name, Mary & Chico