Weekly Update from Mary

Friday, October 20, 2023

Essential Food Items This Week

SPL Hunger Warriors needs donations of pull-top cans Campbell’s Spaghettio’s, and many others. Please click the button below to see what else needs to be donated!


Update on COG: Community of Goodness

COG: Community of Goodness gained 22 new volunteers last weekend!

How To Join COG: Community of Goodness

Sign up to be a monthly 6 items or more donor to the COMMUNITY OF GOODNESS through food gifts of cereal, wide noodles, cans of vegetables, peach slices, beef stew, corned beef, SPAM, chicken breast, jars of Peanut Butter and grape jam. Please call or email Mary at 440-871-7067 or marycaresmuch@yahoo.com to become a member!

Upcoming SPL Hunger Warriors Thrivent Action Team Events

Starting this Sunday – October 22 and November 4:

We will be gathering items for the Samuel L. Felton Jr. VALOR HOME in Lorain. Donations of cookies, apples, oranges, tangerines, crackers, candy, chip snack bags, granola bars…may be dropped off at church on Saturdays or Sundays and at the Levtzow’s garage, driveway on the southwest corner of Dover Center & Bassett Roads (2454 Dover Center Road) any day.

Between November 5 and November 18:

We are having a Hunger Drive to gather at least 100 cans of pull-top SpaghettiOs and/or other pull-top canned meats and 100 packages of paper products.

Between November 19 and December 2:

We are gathering food items to assist Our Family Home in East Cleveland with snacks of all types.

Between December 3 and December 16:

We are having a Hunger Drive for North Ridgeville Community Care at 34015 Center Ridge Road by gathering all types of food and paper items.

Between December 17 and December 31, 2023:

The Dennis Wolf Peanut Butter & Jam Drive with a goal of 100 jars of Jam & 100 jars of Peanut Butter to benefit Redeemer Hunger & Crisis Center on West 30th Street in Cleveland will be happening.

Each Person’s help with donations of food items and money really makes a difference for SPL Hunger Warriors & people in need…Blessings, Mary & Chico