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Weekly Update from Mary

Friday, September 15, 2023

Want to become a Associate Member of Thrivent Financial? Here’s how!

The way to become an Associate Member of Thrivent Financial for $19.95 and be able to lead one Thrivent Financial Action Event that receives a $250 gift card to assist any 501C charity is explained below.

Steps to follow

You can click here, to visit the Thrivent Financial website to learn more about Action Teams.

Scroll down till you see this section:

Associate Membership

  • Clients without a relationship to a Thrivent life, health or annuity product
  • Access to membership benefits
  • Eligibility to lead two Thrivent Action Teams per year
  • The right to vote for Thrivent’s board of directors and to serve, if elected, as a board member of Thrivent or your Thrivent Member Network
  • Annual fee of $19.95 (waived in certain circumstances, including if you hold an account with the Thrivent Credit Union2)

One can also call Thrivent Financial Consultant Ann Escandon at 440-567-0930 to assist one to become an Associate Member and be eligible to do 1 Action Team Event. She could also assist people who have Thrivent Financial products to set up an Action Team Event or one could call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Action Teams” to get assistance.


Remember that St. Paul Stamp Ministry is also excited to receive your canceled stamps to use for missions. There is a drawer in the Ministry Cupboards outside the Sanctuary for your stamp donations.

2023 Tenth Underwear Drive

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